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Spector ARC6TREM

Jolana Diamant II

Jolana Grazioso II

Jolana Tornado II

Spector Euro 4LX Doug Wimbish

NS Design NXT4 Violin

NS Design NXT4 Cello

NS Design NXT5 Double Bass

NS Design WAV4 Bass Guitar Metallic Cobalt

NS Design WAV4 Bass Guitar Metallic Crimson

NS Design WAV4 Violin

NS Design WAV4 Double Bass

Welcome to this online catalog of electric string music instruments.electric guitars, basses, uprights, violins, cellos etc.

We distribute electric guitars, basses, uprights, violins, cellos and accessories. Our portfolio include music instruments made by the Czech producer NBE and also imported instruments. All imported goods are checked in before shipping to customers. We supply markets in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Monte Negro, Albania.

Brands available from us:

SPECTOR bass guitars - www.spectorbass.com

JOLANA guitars - www.jolanaguitars.com

NS DESIGN electric bow instruments and bass guitars - www.thinkns.com

CLOVER bass guitars - www.cloverbasses.com

ESH bass guitars - www.esh-bass.com

More brands to come soon!


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What´s new?

New Spector Model EURO 4 LE 1977 1.2.2017

In 2017 limited bass guitar EURO 4 LE 1977 now available!!!

New Series NS Design NXTa 21.10.2016

To all NS Design fans! NS Design is proud to introduce new NXTa series! All new NXTa instruments are assembled with active/passive electronic with no need for battery.


We would like to announce the availability of electric bass giuitars SPECTOR LEGEND & SPECTORCORE.