Acoustic Violins

Acoustic instruments GLIGA, made in the EU (Romania) provide the finest stringed and arched instruments. History of the brand dates back more than 20 years, when production was started by the luthier Vasil Gliga, Reghin. Affordable to everyone, Gliga instruments bring wide range of instruments (violins, violins, violets and contrabasses), hand-made and hand-lacquered, available for different levels (beginners, advanced, professionals) and age groups, from children's instruments to adult ones.

The wood used on Gliga instruments comes from local region, where it is said that Master Antonio Stradivari himself took the wood for his instruments. This place is called "the Italian Valley", located in the Carpathian Mountains, close to where our company is based. The material used for the front of the instruments is resonant spruce, while the wood for the back, neck and collar is curved and naturally dry maple.

It is said that, when building a violin, the master luvist puts in it all the sounds that he then pulls out. It then depends only on the singer's ability to discover all the possible valences of the instrument.




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New 2018 models 26.2.2018

New 2018 models:

- Short Scale Bass Spector BANTAM 4 with EMG 35 DC and EMG BTS

- Signature Bass Spector EURO4LX Rudy Sarzo

New Spector Model EURO 4 LE 1977 1.2.2017

In 2017 limited bass guitar EURO 4 LE 1977 now available!!!

New Series NS Design NXTa 21.10.2016

To all NS Design fans! NS Design is proud to introduce new NXTa series! All new NXTa instruments are assembled with active/passive electronic with no need for battery.


We would like to announce the availability of electric bass giuitars SPECTOR LEGEND & SPECTORCORE.