The XPRESSION Bass Series by Clover provides a serious bass player an extraordinary instrument featuring optimum handling, serious tone and exceptional playability. Its extended range sound offers great definition throughout the entire tonal spectrum. Whether you slap, tap, pick or fingerstyle, the XP15 reflects every nuance of your musical expression with grace. Only selected tone-woods are choosen for the sandwich glued body and the quartersawn maple neck.

The natural and woody sound can be tailored by a custom three-band EQ with perfectly matched center frequencies and an "ultra low noise circuit" wich makes it work absolute hiss-free even at higher boost levels. Active electronics can also be bypassed for full passive operation.

The innovative design and flawless craftsmanship of all the XP15´s systems work to achieve a synergy that leads to an excellent bass for players that cover anything from trad to modern to grinding heavy styles. This bass feels like home from the first touch.


- Mahagony Body with solid Walnut Top or Swamp Ash body with solid Spalted Maple Top

- Bolt-on American Hard Rock Maple Neck with Walnut or Spalted Maple Headstock Plate

- Ebony & Maple Fingerboards (Rosewood Fingerboards available for shipments within EU)

- 34" (86 cm) scale (4-,5-,6-string), 20'' Fingerboard Radius, 24 Frets

- Nut Width: 4-string 42mm, 5string - 45mm, 6-string - 52mm

- Dual Action Truss Rod

- Pickup options: 4- and 5-string models: 1) Seymour Duncan SJB & SMB, 2)Nordstrand NJ & MM set (two pickups), 3)Nordstrand Dual B Pickup (one pickup). 6-string models only with Nordstrand NJ & MM set or Nordstrand Dual B Pickup (one pickup).

- Active Electronic

- Tuning Machines Gotoh GB707, Custom-made Clover Bass Bridge, Chrome Hardware