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 While the NS RADIUS Bass Guitar carries forward the heritage of the headless design which was pioneered by Ned Steinberger, it also takes the bass guitar to an entirely new level of performance, playability and aesthetic  appeal. Integrated magnetic and piezo pickup systems expand the tonal palette, delivering incredibly powerful lows, exceptional high end clarity, and expressive dynamics, making the Radius one of the most musically versatile basses ever built. Outwardly, everything about this instrument is sculpted, curved and comfortable.

The concave DiradialTM body design provides enhanced contact and stability against the torso. The reduction and redistribution of weight made possible with headless construction reduces the constant burden on your left shoulder, arm, and hand for greatly enhanced ease and comfort. The patented "self-clamping" tuning system provides phenomenal tuning precision and stability with conventional strings, and it makes the process of changing strings remarkably fast and simple. We invite you to explore the Radius lineup, including the sophisticated CR Series and the amazingly versatile WAV Series.



Review of the NS CR Radius Bass Guitar

Review of the NS WAV Radius Bass Guitar




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What´s new?

New Spector Model EURO 4 LE 1977 1.2.2017

In 2017 limited bass guitar EURO 4 LE 1977 now available!!!

New Series NS Design NXTa 21.10.2016

To all NS Design fans! NS Design is proud to introduce new NXTa series! All new NXTa instruments are assembled with active/passive electronic with no need for battery.


We would like to announce the availability of electric bass giuitars SPECTOR LEGEND & SPECTORCORE.