Adjustable Chin Rest

Optimal chin rest position is crucial for player comfort. Full adjustment allows each player to customize the chin rest to fit vastly different body shapes and playing styles. Using the hand to overcome the friction allows the player to instantly adjust the chin rest angle as desired.

The clamping screws in the center of each hub can be adjusted to provide the desired amount of friction to insure that the chin rest does not move in use.

Loosen screws slightly to position and rotate the chin rest to the desired position. Rotate the hub and the rod for all the positions shown below. Tighten screws maintain correct position. Use 9/64″ hex wrench.

Height of the chin rest can be lowered by reversing the inner hub so it is on the bottom side of the attachment plate. Thicker washers can be used to raise the chin rest.

Adjustable Chin Rest

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