NXT 4a Viola Satin Black, with Polar™ Piezo pick-up, active/passive output electronic w/chargeable capacitor, 230V charger part of delivery, 2-way switch (arco-pizzicato), tone control push-pull for active/passive mode, precision tuning hardware, D´Addario NS electric violin strings ADGCE

NXT 4a Violin Satin Sunburst, with Polar™ Piezo pick-up, active output electronic w/chargeable capacitor, 230V charger part of delivery,2-way switch (arco-pizzicato), tone control push-pull for active/passive mode,precision tuning hardware, D´Addario NS electric violin strings ADGCE


LENGTH: 585 MM (23")

WIDTH: 117 MM (4.6"), at nut 38 mm (1.5")

THICKNESS: 49 MM (1.92")

WEIGHT: 650g

SCALE LENGTH: 366 MM (14.4")

STRING SPACING: Bridge 18 mm (0.7")

BODY/NECK: Solid, straight grain maple, with maple face (Satin Black model) or flame maple face (Sunburst model) on body.

BODY REFERENCE BOUT: Black-dyed maple bout on treble side provides standard viola reference. Easily removable for unrestricted fingerboard access.

FINGERBOARD: Hand-graduated, featuring asymmetric curvature specially designed for enhanced left-hand playing ease.

BRIDGE: Black-dyed maple, adjustable for preferred string height via screws accessed from the back.

STRINGS: NS Electric Strings by D'Addario™ are standard.  Compatible with solid and stranded core viola strings.  Synthetic core strings are not recommended.

PRECISION TUNING HARDWARE: NS Design patented tuning system. Fine tuners are mounted on the body behind the bridge for precise, stable tuning. Automatic string clamping allows for quick, easy string changes.

BRIDGE PICKUP: The Polar directional piezo pickup system responds selectively to either vertical vibration  (for remarkably even and sustained plucked/pizzicato sound, like a mandolin), or lateral vibration (for dynamic bowing, and a percussive plucked sound).

ELECTRONICS & CONTROLS: Rotary volume control, with push-pull selection between Active and Passive output mode; Tone control (treble roll off); Arco/Pizzicato toggle switch.


SHOULDER AND CHIN REST OPTIONS: The Custom Shoulder Rest is a standard with the NXTa Viola and can be formed by the player to fit the body perfectly.  As an option, the violin can also attach to NS Design's revolutionary Balanced Shoulder Rest, which “floats” the instrument in the desired playing position without being “clamped” between the jaw and the shoulder.

The contoured ebony chin rest supplied with the instrument is designed to work comfortably in tandem with the Custom Shoulder Rest. The optional Adjustable Chin Rest is also available for players wanting a more extensive range of position adjustments for more customized fit and comfort.


NS VIOLA CASE: Customized for the NS Viola, this standard hardshell case with handle and shoulder strap includes separate compartments for shoulder rest, charger and accessories, a bow compartment and exterior zipper pouch.  Made with durable Cordura® fabric, 3.2 kg (7 lb) loaded weight.

FLIGHT CASE(Optional): Plywood, aluminum sided. 6.3 kg (14 lb) loaded weight. Padded, form fitting interior. Holds bows, shoulder rest, output cable, and extra gear, with lock and key.

Electric Viola NS DESIGN NXT4a